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Sunday, October 9, 2011

New Amazon Cloud Music Service only $20 A Year.

Did you know Amazon has Cloud Service for Music, only $20.00 a YEAR

Amazon's New Cloud Service for Music, Listen to your own music from anywhere, on any device

What does "Cloud" mean:  A cloud as applied to computer technology simply means a storage device you cannot see, but can access from any computer or device anywhere you happen to be. So in this case, you're over to a friends house and want to share your favorite tunes with her/him then you can access your music from your friends device!

I realize that people hear the word "Cloud" allot, yet to people who are not computer users, this term seems a bit abstract. So I wanted to define it for you.
Cloud Services for Document Sharing, Music, Videos are all available for multiple sources.  This is the least expensive place I have seen for the amount of space you are receiving.

Amazon is such a reputable dealer that any issues are resolved almost instantaneously and you can trust Amazon to ensure your privacy and your data's privacy.
~elaine ossipov