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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Haunting Nightmare-Inducing Paintings - These Christine Wu Illustrations Play on Provocative Themes (

Wow, Check this out!!

Haunting Nightmare-Inducing Paintings - These Christine Wu Illustrations Play on Provocative Themes ( ( This sampling of Christine Wu illustrations is a moody and emotional set of pieces that touch on some darker themes. Wu's art tends towards a dreamy/nightmarish vision. Her multi-layered work...

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The FREE DomainTools Android App is HERE

The FREE DomainTools Android App is HERE:
Great news for those of you who have been asking about a DomainTools Android app — it’s now available in the Google Play store! If you have an Android device, let us know what you think about it, as we’d love to know what you like or how we can improve on it. Comment on this blog or email is at MemberServices (at) DomainTools (dot) com.
For those of you who just want a sneak peak at what it does – check out this video overview:
DomainTools Android App Preview
The new Android app provides Whois Lookups on domain names together with website screenshots, key registration dates, and valuable domain profile stats. Like our web-based Whois Lookup product, the DomainTools app combines data from multiple sources into a single view to give a complete perspective a domain’s ownership and history.
We’ll be announcing more details about our whole mobile strategy soon, so there’s more to come…

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Announcing FREE Developer API Access

Announcing FREE Developer API Access:
Ever wanted to build a cool Whois app, or augment your domain name or DNS site with DomainTools’ data? Now you can, for free! With our new Developer API Access, you can get 500 Domain Profile and Whois lookups every month at no cost. That’s plenty to build a proof-of-concept or even to augment lookups on a small-scale site or app.
Wouldn’t your project be more impressive if you could flag domains that have history which pre-dates their create date? Include stats on how many other domains are on the same web host or name server.  Our Domain Profile API will give you that–and more.
The whois API is very simple but very powerful.  API users can access the largest and most accurate whois database at scale, and get enterprise-class response times to add ownership and contact data to the domain-centric part of your site or app.
Do you like FREE but hate limits? Well, there’s an app for that – try our Screenshots API.
You get current website screenshots in both thumbnail and full-size images, plus our entire historical screenshot database, for FREE. No authentication, no complex signed queries, just data and images. As long as you don’t try to harvest all the data from us we won’t even limit your access. Crazy, huh?  The DomainTools screenshots have very high engagement on our own site, and we expect they will provide valuable visual context for your users as well.
The biggest problem with our Screenshots API is that you now have no excuse to you show a bare list of domains in your app or site and not include pretty pictures to help the user know what those sites actually do! We couldn’t have made it easier for you: just build a simple URL and you’re done. There are 3 tiers in the DomainTools ‘stack’: harvest data, process data, present data. We’re pretty good at the first two, and those lend themselves to focused efforts and significant IT leverage. But even with 10x the people we have now, we could never imagine all of the ways that Whois and DNS data can be manifested in whole or in part for useful products, apps and sites. These APIs are the first step in allowing our users and partners to build on top of the DomainTools platform.
So let us know what you come up with! Comment ont his blog or email us at MemberServices (at) DomainTools (dot) com to tell us how you’re using our APIs. We are eager to hear your stories.
Be sure to read our press release about our FREE APIs here and for more background details about our API development, read our previous blog post.
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Examining the Presence of Unique Domain Names Across Different TLDs

Examining the Presence of Unique Domain Names Across Different TLDs:
One of the benefits of having access to the most comprehensive database of domain data available is the ability to conduct insightful analytics, such as the Verisign dark domains post from a few months ago. Here is another view in what we hope to be an ongoing series of data-driven posts.
Is .COM Truly ‘King’?
When talking about .com domains, “.com is king” is often heard. .COM is ‘king’ in pure volume of registered domains. The underlying assumption by many, though, is that if you see a domain in a given TLD (Top Level Domain), especially a gTLD, it is probably already registered in .com. But, is that true? Leveraging DomainTools data, we compared domain strings across TLDs (Top Level Domains) and discovered that, in a good number of cases, a TLD other than .com is preferred.
Our Process for Uncovering Unique Domain Names  by TLD
For the purposes of this research, we considered the domain name ‘left of the dot’ in our comparisons.  For example, “google” is the domain name for both “” & “”.A TLD contains a unique domain name if the domain name doesn’t exist in any other TLD.  For example, if exists, but example12345 doesn’t exist in any other TLD, it would be considered a domain name unique to .com.For the list of domains we used in our analysis, we focused on domains which we know currently exist or existed recently (last 6 months).  The data sources we used include zones, Whois, and DNS. For ccTLDs, many of which don’t offer zone file or Whois access, we used the best information we had available.
In our final results, we eliminated many of the smaller TLDs (those with less than 60,000 domains) to focus on the TLDs with the widest adoption. Below is a chart of what we discovered:

Percentage of Unique Domains by TLD

Some of the most striking discoveries from these numbers are:
  • Almost 75% of .com domains don’t exist in any other TLD. That makes sense, since .com is so much larger than the next largest TLD.  Still, 75% is higher than we expected.

  • 60% of the domains that DomainTools knows about in .de, the country-code extension for Germany, do NOT exist in .com or any other TLD….that’s a pretty significant number, and it says a lot about the preference of .de domains by German internet users.

  • The .tk TLD offers free domain names, which may explain why over 56% of .tk domains don’t exist anywhere else.

  • For the remaining ccTLDs on the list, it would appear that about 40% of the time, domain registrants don’t even bother picking up the .com in addition to their preferred ccTLD.

  • .INFO is the gTLD with the highest percentage of unique domain strings (except for .com, of course).  This may be due in part to the significant discounting that happens on .info.

  • Close to 51% of the domain strings we analyzed existed in only one TLD.  By comparison, .co/.asia/.eu are running at only 5%/4%/3% uniqueness, respectively.

Percentage Overlap with .COM, by gTLD

Below is the percentage of a given TLD that overlap with .com:
With the launch of new gTLD registrations in 2013 it will be very interesting to how these numbers compare for new generic extensions and IDN extensions.
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Monday, August 13, 2012

Life Is Not An Olympic Sport

This is a Great Article Re-blogged here in it's entirety to ensure proper credit to the author and artist.

Life Is Not An Olympic Sport:
Athlete on Podium
As the 2012 Olympic Games wrapped up, the talk about how an athlete has been training for four years for “this one moment” is finally coming to an end. In many Olympic sports the difference between winning and losing can be shorter than a snap of your fingers. In that one split-second you either win or become fodder for journalists to pick you apart. But even winners aren’t free from criticism or critique.
Each day I see people competing with someone as if there’s going to be a podium and national anthem at the end. But there is no end. It’s a made up game people play. Rather than just doing their best, I see (whether on Facebook, Twitter, Blogs or real life) people treating so many aspects of life like it’s their one-shot at the gold medal.
What bothers me most is that somehow I’m seen as a competitor. That many of you are seen as competitors, when we aren’t even playing the game. Somehow my own personal desire to try to be excellent at what I do, every day, means that I’ve stepped up and have become a competitor in life.
Here’s the thing, though. I’m not. Sure there are aspects of life when you are competing – getting a job, trying out for a play or choir, maybe a promotion – but, in general, I don’t see it that way. Maybe it’s all the pep-talks from my Grandfather growing up. You know, the ones you probably got too about always doing your best, never giving up, keeping focus, not looking around to compare yourself. Those. I know I’m not the only one who got them.
Online it’s very easy to get sucked into being part of the game. Facebook status updates, photos and comments allow other people into our lives. We invite it. Twitter and Instagram and FourSquare all offer an immediate opportunity to for others to be included in what we do and add their 2-cents. We’re out there, no longer just doing our thing but openly and actively saying “Look at me!”. It’s easy to think we’re competing in this so-called game of life.
I shouldn’t compare. Still, I do. But what frustrates me is that there are others who feel that everything is a competition. And there is a need to put me (or you) down or make excuses when I do have success. It’s one of the reasons I don’t talk a lot about my daughter. It’s like I’m an unwitting participant in this game. I don’t have the gear but I’m present, the starting gun sounds and all of a sudden there’s a swarm and a buzz and an expectation that I’m playing this game they created.
I’m not ashamed to be a mom to an exceptionally intelligent daughter. I’m not ashamed to say that BabyGirl started playing violin at 3. And I’m certainly not embarrassed that she was able to read at 18 months old. But somehow her success means that there’s less success out there for the rest of the world because I’m hoarding it.  I hate feeling like I need to hide my or my family’s success and happiness because it becomes a reason to be snarky or rude. And OK to call me names, make everything a competition and pursue me despite the fact that I’m not playing the game. And that does bother me, despite my strong attempts at ignoring these self-appointed competitors.
I see it on social media and in traditional media. This idea that one person’s success means that there’s less to go around. That someone who’s worked hard to put out a book, pursued a great opportunity, or worked hard and is being rewarded in some way has cornered the market of winning and is somehow keeping others from finding the same success.
The only way life could be compared to an Olympic Sport is that some days you win and some days you don’t. But winning doesn’t mean everyone around you is a loser. And losing doesn’t mean you get to blame other people for being better. And, to be honest, losing isn’t about failure. Losing is a comparison. This is my life. Your life. Our being awesome and terrific every day will never deplete the supply that exists. So why not aim for that every day?
Someone else’s success doesn’t mean I’ve failed. Or you’ve failed. But it does seem that the genuine happiness of yesteryear for a friend’s success is waning. And that’s very sad. Because at the end of each day I’m not waiting for someone to flash up a score evaluating my performance and determining my level of difficulty. No one is evaluating a photo (gosh I hope not!) because someone else had a day nearly as amazing as mine. And I don’t need to knock someone out or have them fall or fail or pull up lame so I can be declared the winner.
I am a winner because I say I am. And my winning doesn’t mean you can’t be a winner too.
Do you feel that others want to compete with you even though you’re not in the game?
Image Credit

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Fiesta-Inspired Handbags - The Deadly Ponies 'Senorita Bandits' SS13 Lookbook is Boldly Vibrant (

Fiesta-Inspired Handbags - The Deadly Ponies 'Senorita Bandits' SS13 Lookbook is Boldly Vibrant ( ( The Deadly Ponies ‘Senorita Bandits' SS13 Lookbook takes inspiration from a traditional fiesta. Taking cues from Mexican culture, designer Liam Bowden of Deadly Ponies has created a...

Wow Is this now the style we are going to start seeing?  I cannot imagine seeing these  all over. Hopefully this will be a #TrendFail

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A Beautiful Set of Icons to Feast Your Eyes On

Great Freebies! :)

A Beautiful Set of Icons to Feast Your Eyes On:

Here is a set of a some really sharp and clean icon designs. After looking through the set I'm sure you'd want to use some of these icons on your own websites. The package includes 42, 64x64px icons in both PNG and PSD formats.

Read more »
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Found this in my morning rss feeds and I think it is just adorable, hope you enjoy the Monday Morning humor!


rget: 'Baby Got Back' turned 20 this year. My favorite nostalgia show is VH1's 'I Love The Inexorable March of Time Toward the Grave That Awaits Us All.'

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