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Bad Night? Good Reads!

These are just a few of the books I've enjoyed reading throughout the year..One day I'll make a list of the tech books I own too. Wow.. that's a closet full, literally.

But I've found if I'm having a night where I can't sleep and want some company that goodreads is an excellent source. Great Forums. and I'm not just saying that because I help administrate a few either), Great choices, and reviews to read from. Author Chats, where the authors will answer questions and converse with you. It's just a WONDERFUL website, and while having millions of members, I believe it is also one of the best kept secretes on the internet. is the site, and I am

Magic Bleeds
Bayou Moon
Magic Slays
Magic Bites
Magic Strikes
Magic Burns
On the Edge
Tales of the Otherworld
Waking the Witch
Dime Store Magic
The Awakening
The Reckoning
Men of the Otherworld
Living with the Dead
The Summoning
River Marked

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