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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Jedi Kittens Strike Back - YouTube


Hitwise: Twitter Drives Traffic to Blogs and Social Networks, But Not to Retail Sites

Hitwise: Twitter Drives Traffic to Blogs and Social Networks, But Not to Retail Sites

Friday, September 16, 2011

Phychobilly Alternative Punk Skeleton Hand Dangle Earrings

Phychobilly Alternative Punk
Skeleton Hand Dangle Earrings
with Cute Cheetah Print
Tail Bows 

Look at these great earrings I just bought on Etsy!

I couldn't believe my luck and only $13.00 including shipping.  I'm so excited.

These are really cute, so I'm posting the url if anyone wants to see more.

Click here For the Greatest Halloween Earrings Ever

A New Look for Art

  Elaine Ossipov September 16, 2011 at 1:19 am

  • MaaPstudio
  • Monika Skrzypkowska
  • London, England, 
    United Kingdom

As I was surfing around the internet this early Friday morning, I happened to stop by the Etsy Stalker Website.    I was actually looking for statistics to corroborated my analysis of  Google's Forecaster which is part of the Google Analyticts line which showed a 50%  increase in websites marketing Handmade Products in the coming year.  Ok,  I know, that was just *TMI, and I want to write about what I did find!
I found something better than statistics.   The sky opened up, the moon started shining down on me.   I found  A Contest.  Now, I love crunching numbers with the best of them, but who can resist entering a contest at 1:35am on a Friday.  I mean really, shouldn't that be good luck?  
It turned out to be fabulous luck! The contest required it's contestants to visit a site and come back to write in a comment about a product they found on that site

I can do that.  That's an easy contest to enter.  "we have the technology"
 Putting aside the 2am humor, what I found is perhaps the most uniquely simplistic artistic styles I have ever seen and the artist had created jewelry with her style. And they are gorgeous!  This jewelry is so  incredible to be made out of porcelain.  I bet you're thinking "those will break the first time I would put them on", and you'd be wrong.  Porcelain is extremely strong.  The best of pocelain china is so thin you can see through a tea cup, and then put that tea cup on a tile floor upside down and stand on it. So thin you can see though it, so strong you can stand on it without breaking it.  Getting back to the contest,  it was very hard to pick a favorite, so I decided I should look through all of them before deciding which to comment on.
Even though I don't wear rings due to arthritis, and just because I don't wear solid bracelets due to work, doesn't mean I can't look at them. I LOVE dangle earrings.  I have no problems wearing dangle earrings.  So after browsing  Ms. Skrzypkowska's store, I  found my treasure.  Without a doubt, my favorite is: these gorgeous dangly (is that a word) blue and white earrings you see in the image above.  Also, evidently these bi-colored wonders with beautiful sterling silver chain draping below them, are also someone else's favorites since they are on reserve.  To see more of  these wonderful products, just click on the link below.
Good night folks, and I hope your Friday is as full of discovery's as mine has started out.

                                                 Can We Say Gorgeous!
* too much information

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Steampunk Flash Drives - Artist Rob Smith's 'back2root' Revamped USB Keys will Cause Envy (GALLERY)

Steampunk Flash Drives - Artist Rob Smith's 'back2root' Revamped USB Keys will Cause Envy (GALLERY):

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Three Big Geeks Leave Microsoft in One Day, Including Barney Pell

Three Big Geeks Leave Microsoft in One Day, Including Barney Pell

This is going to get interesting folks. ~elaine O.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday:

Sunday Status Updates: September 11, 2011

Sunday Status Updates: September 11, 2011:
Well, it’s that time again…

John: I’m starting Living with Ghosts by Kari Sperring.

Kat: I read the second book in David Weber’s HONOR HARRINGTON series, The Honor of the Queen. I will not be moving on to book 3 even though I have already purchased it at Audible. That was a waste of a credit (they were having a special 3 for 2 series deal). My kids and I read and loved Princess Academy by Shannon Hale. I started William Gibson’s Count Zero and my husband and I are starting Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-Five on audio, but he watches so much football that I’m not sure when we’ll finish it. In print I’m still working on John Lambshead’s Lucy’s Blade.

Kelly: I’m currently reading With Fate Conspire by Marie Brennan, and also just starting Laini Taylor‘s Daughter of Smoke and Bone. Taylor’s Lips Touch: Three Times is one of the most memorable books I’ve read in recent years, so I’m stoked!

Marion: This has been an indulgent reading week for me, starting with Labor Day weekend. I finished Ward Just’s beautiful novel, Rodin’s Debutante. Just’s flights of words rise off the page like flocks of snowy egrets. I finished Robert Jackson Bennett’s The Company Man. Despite candy-commercial quibbles (“You got Sci-fi in my noir!” “You got noir in my sci-fi!”) I predict that this guy is The Next Big Thing. I read the last Spenser novel completely written by Robert Parker: Sixkill. Now I’m in a quandary. Which do I start: The Last Werewolf by Glen Duncan, or Hellbent by Cherie Priest?

Robert: This past week was not one of my better ones. Hurt my back on Monday and was largely incapacitated for a few days. Of course, the injury did give me time to finish reading The Sacred Band, David Anthony Durham’s rewarding conclusion to THE ACACIA TRILOGY. Currently I’m reading Black Light, an urban fantasy novel co-written by Stephen Romano and screenwriters Patrick Melton & Marcus Dunstan of Saw fame. After that, I plan on reading Joseph Nassise’s Eyes to See.

Stefan: Once again, I didn’t get nearly as much reading done as I’d hoped, this time thanks to the Labor Day/back to school madness, this time combined with a major power outage here in San Diego. Reading by flashlight just isn’t as much fun when you’re an adult! I spent most of the week reading The Highest Frontier, the long-awaited new SF novel by Joan Slonczewski. I had high expectations for this one, and I wasn’t disappointed. After that, I started on Acacia by David Anthony Durham, and I plan to finish it up and then read its sequel next week in anticipation of the third volume in the ACACIA trilogy, which is due out next month.

Terry: I finished Duane Swierczynski’s Fun and Games this week, and am looking forward to diving into the next Charlie Hardie mystery, Hell and Gone. Hardie is a wonderful character — seemingly indestructible, but in a middle-aged, out-of-shape way, if that makes any sense. Now I’m reading Jim Butcher‘s first DRESDEN FILES novel, Storm Front, mostly because Justin keeps talking about how great this series is. While I’m finding this book enjoyable, I’m surprised at Justin’s enthusiasm; it seems like a competent first novel, but not more than that, at least so far. I’m betting that Butcher is one of those guys who gets better as he writes more. I’ve also just started reading Lauren Beukes‘s Zoo City; it’s been nominated for the World Fantasy Award, and I’m planning to go to the convention (including the banquet, where the awards are handed out) at the end of October, and I’d like to have all the nominees read by then. As I’ve currently read none of them, that might be a challenge! But I’ll give it the old college try.

Tim: I’ve been getting settled back into the wild world of academics, which has left me painfully little time for personal reading. I did have a look at On Stranger Tides by Tim Powers, which seems interesting and fast-paced so far, but as with a lot of Powers’s work somehow fails to grab me on an emotional level.

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Cyberabad Days: Science fiction at its very best

Cyberabad Days: Science fiction at its very best:

Cyberabad Days Iam McDonaldCyberabad Days Iam McDonaldCyberabad Days by Ian McDonald

Cyberabad Days is set in the same universe as McDonald’s River of Gods, a highly praised novel that won the British Science Fiction Award in 2005, and received nominations for the Hugo and Arthur C. Clarke Awards. In the seven stories of Cyberabad Days, linked by setting and technology but not by characters, McDonald imagines a mature India split asunder by politics and the ubiquity of artificial intelligence, but still a cluster of countries that constitutes a major world power. These are countries of immense contradiction, where the rich are richer than ever and the poor are completely left behind… This is science fiction at its very best, challenging intellectually yet stylistically well-executed. These stories make you think, imagine and wonder even as they entertain. This collection is not to be missed. Read the rest.

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Treat Yourself Tuesday

Treat Yourself Tuesday:
A Beautiful Collection of Handmade Crocheted items. Perhaps this collection will inspire you to create something beautiful today. If not, treat yourself to an Artisan's beautiful handmade creation.

'On the hook' by vixigirl

Crochet Newborn Baby Girl Be...

Washcloths Organic Cotton Ha...


Heart Garland Wedding Decora...

Crochet Necklace Irish Croch...

Newsboy Hat in Pink Cotton w...

Handmade Beige Knit Bag, Cel...

Linen Yarn- Sand Beige Shade...

3"-4" Crochet Lace...

MINI Needle Case. size: 4&qu...


Pattern - Barefoot Crochet S...

Crochet Hook Leather bracele...

Thickie - Crochet Hat with B...

Gems White Merino Superfine ...

Eco Friendly Beige Crocheted...