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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The AWS Report - Dave Peck, Co-Founder of Cloak

The AWS Report - Dave Peck, Co-Founder of Cloak:
I recently interviewed Dave Peck, Co-Founder of Seattle-based Cloak. Designed for Macs, iPads, and iPhones, Cloak keeps you safe when you use public Wi-Fi networks in coffee shops, airports, hotels and conferences. It does this by creating an encrypted VPN connection between your device and and an Amazon EC2 instance run and managed by Cloak. The instance is dynamically chosen (using a technique that Dave described as "ping racing") to minimize latency.
Here's the interview:
Dave also talks about the false sense of security afforded by certain sites that make use of HTTPS only intermittently, and about how his product can be set up in one minute.
Cloak runs in all of the public AWS regions and they will automatically support new regions as they come online.
We're currently booking AWS Report guests for late summer and early fall. Write us at awsreport at if you are interested.
-- Jeff;

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What Happens After Startup Weekend? Accelerate? Incubate?

What Happens After Startup Weekend? Accelerate? Incubate?:
Sometimes the next steps for Startup Weekend teams or alumni take them to an accelerator or incubator where they continue to work on their ideas at breakneck speeds. Others choose different routes, but for the 16% of the Startup Weekend teams that do end up in accelerators or incubators after the weekend, they are a great an invaluable learning an growing experience.
Check out some of the awesome programs available all around the country and ask yourself, should my startup apply for an accelerator or incubator? [Forbes]
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