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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Chad Ochocinco Surprises Grieving Widow With Twitter Invitation To His Wedding

English: Photograph of Chad Ocho Cinco during ...
English: Photograph of Chad Ocho Cinco during warm-ups before the opening game versus the Ravens on 9/10/07. Taken by myself from the stands. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Chad Ochocinco Surprises Grieving Widow With Twitter Invitation To His Wedding:
NFL star and Twitter celebrity Chad Ochocinco has been up to his old tricks on the micro-blogging site. And by ‘his old tricks’, I mean reaching out to complete strangers and trying to help them in some way.
The Miami Dolphins wide receiver (previously of the New England Patriots) has over 3.5 million followers, and has a history of being very good with his fans and helping where he can. For example in January this year he flew a fan out to watch one of his games after he discovered that this follower had been tweeting him for two years without received any form of response.
But this most recent story has a much sadder point of origin. Cheryl Minton from Franklin, Ohio, tweeted @Ochocinco about losing her husband of 30 years. This is what followed on Twitter:
Ochocinco invites twitter user to his wedding
So there you have it. A grieving woman reached out to a sports star with probably no expectations of even a response, let alone an all expenses covered invitation to his wedding. This is not to say by any stretch that his actions will magically cure Cheryl Minton’s grief, but it will surely have helped lift her spirits at a time when she must be feeling unimaginably low.
As I said in my January blog about Ochocinco flying Victor Gonzalez out to watch his game, it is so refreshing to see those in privileged positions using their wares to help others – even if it is a temporary or token gesture. Prior to inviting Cheryl Minton to his wedding on July 4th, Chad Ochocinco treated 200 of his Twitter followers to dinner at a New York City restaurant.
With acts of kindness such as these, it’s easy to see why he has millions of people following him.


Well, for me reading this article was like a breath of fresh air.  Wow, there really are caring people out there providing an unexpected gift at an unexpected time, just out of the goodness of their hearts.

Chad, had just #ReafirmedMyFaithInManKind !!  Maybe I'll even watch a game or two ...just for kicks.. probably not though, just not a sports watching fan. put a ball and bat in my hands though and I'm really to go!! Happy Sunday All!!
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Monday, July 2, 2012

Faded Round Stamps Social Icon Pack

Faded Round Stamps Social Icon Pack:
Faded Round Stamps Social Icons
In this icon set are included 32 creative noisy stamp icons in five different sizes. These icons you can use in grunge or nosy style blogs and website to share posts or show your social profiles. Icon set is free for all, so grab it and use for all your projects.

List of websites whose icons are included in this set:

Balatarin, Blogger, Delicous, Deviantart, Digg, Facebook, FeedBurner, Flickr, FriendFeed, Furl, Gmail, Google, Google Buzz, LastFM, Linkedin, LiveJournal, Mixx, Myspace, OpenID, Picasa, Rss, Share This, Skype, Stumbleupon, Thechnorati, Twitter, Vimeo, Webshots, WordPress, Yahoo Buzz, Yahoo, Youtube, Pinterest, Tumblr.

Icons sizes:

16×16, 32×32, 64×64, 128×128, 256×256.

Pack details:

.PNG icons compressed .ZIP file
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shortformblog:mrshl:Announcing The Declaration Of Internet...

Celebrating Pride 2012

Celebrating Pride 2012: We encourage people to bring their whole selves to work. And this month Googlers, Gayglers (gay Googlers), and their families and friends took this spirit to the streets in Pride parades and celebrations around the globe. In Sao Paulo, a group of 50 marched as a Google contingent for the first time ever. In San Francisco, more than 1,000 Googlers and allies marched (nearly doubling the number of people we had in 2011!). In New York, more than 700 of our friends and colleagues took over 5th Avenue marching alongside our double-decker Pride bus. And this weekend in Singapore, we’re sponsoring the Pink Dot celebration for the second consecutive year.

It’s not just through Pride that we show our support for the LGBT community. At Mardi Gras in Sydney, we hosted two Queer Thinking seminars on Activism in the Internet Age and Queer Careers. We also have big plans for the World Pride celebration in London this year, launching a “Legalise Love” Conference at Google London, partnering with organizations to identify ways to decriminalize homosexuality and eliminate homophobia around the world.

In addition to supporting the LGBT community outside of Google, we made some changes to our benefits offerings to support our Gayglers. Earlier this year, we enhanced our transgender-inclusive benefits to cover transitioning procedures and treatment in accordance with the World Professional Association for Transgender Health’s (WPATH) Standards of Care, which includes coverage for procedures like facial feminization for transgender women and pectoral implants for transgender men. We also increased our lifetime maximum coverage for these benefits to $75K—more than double what it had been previously.

Next month we’ll carry the energy of Pride into our fourth annual company Diversity & Inclusion celebration, the Sum of Google. The Sum is an opportunity to celebrate and engage in a discussion about diversity and inclusion across our offices around the world.

Take a look at the photos below for a peek at this year's Pride celebrations.

Posted by Randy Reyes, Gaygler and Global Diversity & Inclusion Team Member
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Klout for Good: AIDS Walk SF

Klout for Good: AIDS Walk SF:
Klout believes everyone has influence, and influence comes with responsibility. Klout for Good aims to help leverage your influence to make the world a better place for everyone.
Every year in July, people from around the San Francisco Bay Area gather at Golden Gate Park for the annual AIDS Walk San Francisco to help raise greatly needed funds for HIV/AIDS programs and services throughout the Bay Area. In 2011, more than 25,000 people from all over the Bay area participated in the AIDS Walk San Francisco and raised $3 million dollars.

This year, Klout is proud to be one of the first tech startups to officially walk the 10K course and raise funds to help support the local community, but we need your help. Support Team Klout and the AIDS Walk SF by donating your influence on Klout for Good. Each Tweet will push the Klout team 2.5 meters towards the finish line of its digital race, and closer to ending AIDS as we know it.
Also, stay tuned as we’ll be giving you live event updates and photos on our Twitter and Facebook page on July 15th, so you can take part of the experience with Team Klout. We thank you for your support!
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Welcoming Our Newest Kloutlaw – Emil Michael

Welcoming Our Newest Kloutlaw – Emil Michael:
(reposted from Klout)

Klout team members (or Kloutlaws as we prefer to call ourselves) are a special breed. We are obsessed with empowering everyone to discover and be recognized for their influence and pride ourselves on the passion with which we embark on this mission.
Today I am proud to announce that Emil Michael has joined Klout as our COO and is the newest member of our Board of Directors. Emil is more than overflowing with all the qualities of a Kloutlaw and will be overseeing all business functions of Klout. Emil has an extensive background as an entrepreneur and operator that includes time as Senior Vice President of Field Operations for TellMe Networks, a senior official at the White House, and an investor/advisor in some of the best tech companies in NYC and Silicon Valley.

This hire is incredibly special to me personally. Since I started Klout four years ago with a dream where every person was recognized for the power of their voice online, I’ve been fortunate to be joined by an amazing team. It started with my co-founder, Binh Tran, who focused on technology, and Matt Thomson, who was our first business hire and has basically filled every role possible. Now, with over 40 billion API calls monthly, millions of Klout users and brands like Chevy, Microsoft, Gilt and others recognizing the Klout of their customers, we are making this vision a reality. With the addition of Emil we are poised to take everything we’ve done to the next level.
Please join me in welcoming Emil to Klout with a +K on his Klout profile.

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