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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Yea Thursdays Here!

   Yep, it's Thursday and the girls are due over for our night of great conversation with great people doin the thing we love most to do, yep you got it.  It's our Beading Night.
   I'm going to have them look over this blog and see what they think about my "something to look forward to", it's always good to get multiple opinions on things.  Especially when those opinions are from people you trust.
   I completed my goal today of placing two new pieces on my store each day.  Between making the items, taking and editing the images and then figuring out the description for the item, placing new products takes time.  I have it down to about 45 minutes per item.  That's 45 minutes simple to upload and place the item description, i.e. that certainly does not include the time it takes to make an item.  Having said all that, this is another short term goal, which I look forward to completing each day.  "Something to look forward to."   I do believe there is more to that statement than meets the eye.  I'll try and write more later this evening after the girls leave.  It's going to be a short night for health reasons, but I didn't want to cancel it, especially since it's been three weeks which we have already missed.  So I took a nap this afternoon for two hours, and called Margrette, almost ready to cancel the evening, and she suggested the short get together idea.  She always has wonderful ideas.

If you would like to view the two new items I placed on my Etsy store today visit these links:
Lapis lazuli, Citrine and Peridot, Beautiful Necklace
Seashells and Pearls The perfect necklace to wear with jeans. 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ok, so whadda going to do??

I think I was talking about holidays, yes.. yes I was thinking about holidays. 

 So the thing is, as I was saying I need "something to look forward to"  something that is scheduled for me, rather than by me. What better to use than Holidays? Thank you for it being so close to Christmas or I really might not have thought about this for a while.

    Using Holidays as my base, I believe what I will start to do with my wearable art is focusing it on the Holidays.  Using the esthetics of the Holiday to be the basis for a creation of lets say maybe 6 different pieces in each category to create my "Wearable Art Lines"  Hey I'm starting to look forward to this already... umm..."happiness is nothing more than having something to look forward to" I wonder if I could use the concepts contained within that statement to create a logo....happiness = heart, sunshine, flowers, etc; forward = arrows, road, and "to" could be anything like a gemini sign, or a double ring, or something like that.  It's an idea.. another one I think I'll think on for a while.
    For now, it's time for my 4 o'clock coffee...Yes, I realize it's 6:33 but hey, I'm running late today.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Happiness Is

   One afternoon I was sitting in my favorite chair, occupying my hands with my favorite past time of beading and creating wearable art.  I normally have the TV on when I sit and bead, not because I am really paying attention to it, but just to have something to break the silence.  Then, the movie that was playing suddenly caught my attention.  One of the actors said "Happiness is nothing more than having something to look forward to".   Interesting. Profound. Truth? I thought about that for a long time.
   Having spent the last few years with numerous surgeries and a head injury from an auto accident, having no choice but to sell my occupational love, my bead and jewelry store,  I really hadn't had much to look forward to for the past few years except more sugeries and more physical therapy.  Selling my bead store broke my heart, and perhaps a little of my will, ok, well, perhaps alot.  
    Ummm....  "Happiness Is Nothing More Than Having Something To Look Forward To."  Wow! How simple is that!  Is being happy that easy?  Is this what I'd been missing?  Perhaps it is!  Maybe I should try this and see where it leads.  That was a few months ago, and as I've thought about it and watched for it, and on Thursdays when I am looking forward to my friends coming over for our beading night, I did seem happier. 
    It is with this simple phrase in mind that I have decided to try to augment my recovery with a little injection of having something to look forward to.  So what can I do that will give me a way to look forward to something.  I'm laughing right now because that last sentence seems pretty funny.   What can I do that will give me something to look forward to?  It shouldn't be that hard.  But I need it to be something natural, something that I'm not scheduling myself, because I know me, and that wouldn't work.  I need something with some short term looking forward to's,  and then something with some longer, farther out there looking forward to's.  Something I can sink my teeth into, and see some immediate results, but (there's always a but ) at the same time something that will be repetitive so I won't quit in three months or six months, something self-sustaining so to speak.  Then it came to me. 


Ok, I'm tired now and so that's all I'm going to write today, I'll post more tomorrow as I'm still forming what and how this is going to look and be in my mind.

But I think I'm on the right track now, and I'll see where this is going to lead.